5 juli 2012

Johan Reinhold kontrakterad av Warner Music

Den 2009 grammisnominerade Johan Reinhold har kontrakterats till Warner Music. Den här veckan gick singeln Shoot Me Down till radio och just nu arbetar Reinhold med att färdigställa albumet Beautiful Loser, som ska släppas i höst.

I oktober 2011 släpptes Shoot Me Down som fri nedladdning på Johans hemsida. Sedan dess har över 100 internationella musikplattformar skrivit om singeln, över 25 000 besökare har registrerats och Johan Reinhold har prisbelönats (för femte gången) för sajtens innovativa design.

Claes Olson

Internationell uppmärksamhet för Johan Reinhold (ett urval):

"It’s an instant sign that Reinhold is a talent not to be ignored. When he opens his mouth you not only become an immediate fan, but a devotee." Alt Sounds

"With its lush production and Johan’s beautiful vocal, ?Shoot Me Down” is catchy enough to have you reaching for the repeat button more than once." Allure Of Sounds

"It might be classified as indie-electro-pop, but in the end it is good music with a lot of appeal. Reinhold is going to attract a wide range of fans – young and old." KO Video

"The song gave me eternal hope that good music is out there if you're willing to wait for it. A modern torch song for the ages." The Pop Sucker

"I actually really like this – it sounds very different to a lot of the music I get sent, which makes it refreshing and new. And on top of that, it’s a very slick production." Alfitude

"The electric guitar drew me in right away and his voice did not disappoint. He doesn’t sound foreign, but just the fact that he’s from Sweden makes me appreciate him a bit more." Sunset in the Rearview

"Shoot Me Down is the new single from Swedish singer/songwriter, Johan Reinhold. A great taster of what's to come from the artist." Best in New Music