11 februari 2015

PRIS Nominerade Phonofile Nordic Music Prize

I år har Nordic Music Prize – som delas ut på by:Larm i Oslo i mars – fått ny sponsor. De 12 nominerade jagar följaktligen ett pris som numera heter The Phonofile Nordic Music Prize.

De 12 nominerade:

Emilie Nicolas (NO) – Like I’m a Warrior

Gracias (FI) – Elengi

Iceage (DK) – Plowing Into the Field of Love

Lorentz (SE) – Kärlekslåtar

Lykke Li (SE) – I Never Learn

Neneh Cherry (SE) – Blank Project

Mirel Wagner (FI) – When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day

MØ (DK) – No Mythologies to Follow

Pink Street Boys (ICE) – Trash From the Boys

Prinspóló (ICE) – Sorrí

Selvhenter (DK) – Motions of Large Bodies

Todd Terje (NO) – It’s Album Time

Urvalet har gjorts av : Ralf Christensen (Danmark), Niklas Elmér (Sverige), Ilkka Mattila (Finland), Audun Vinger (Norge) and Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen (Island).

Juryn hälsar på engelska:

«Even though the climate can be cold, the Nordic countries have for a long time been a ”hotbed” for musical innovation and progressive stance regarding popular music. The Phonofile Nordic Music Prize, established in 2010, has sought to mirror this ever-evolving scene and this year is no exception. ”Scandi-pop” has certainly some common, if unintelligible, features but it’s the variety of modern music making in that one region that continues to dazzle. This year, for instance, we have a female five piece from Denmark that specializes in noise-led, experimental brass music, ethereal neo-pop from Norway sung by alluring, icy songstress, down and dirty scuzz-rock from Iceland, urban hip-hop from Finland and avant-pop from the eternally iconoclastic Neneh Cherry. The Phonofile Nordic Music Prize has room for both youngbloods and established acts but most importantly, it’s the first stop for anyone interested in the most happening sounds in Scandinavia today. May the Nordic aura embrace your souls!»

Vinnaren utses av en jury bestående av brittiska musikjournalister.

Lars Nylin