6 mars 2014

4 SNABBA Paul Scaife / by:Larm

Paul Scaife, redaktör för det engelska nyhetsbrevet Record Of The Day, var en av flera internationella musikjournalister som i år besökte by:Larm i Oslo. Under Musikindustrins vinjett 4 SNABBA förklarar varför det var värt resan.

What’s your thoughts about by:Larm in Oslo this year? Was it worth the trip?

– It was worth it. Sometimes it’s good to come to an event smaller than, say, Eurosonic, where you can spend more time with people and know the artists performing are the pick of the crop. The hotel, centre and gigs being close together was useful. I would have liked to have been introduced to more key local people.

How many times have you been to by:Larm?

– Just once before, in 2005 in Stavanger, so it’s developed enormously.

What’s your opinion about the Nordic music scene?

– It’s regularly “punched above its weight” – it’s a boxing phrase, like weighing middle weight, but hit like a heavyweight. all positive! We’re seeing a far more developed Nordic industry these days, co-ordinated and producing artists that work well in the rest of Europe, if not the world. I’m happy to say Record of the Day has featured many artists from the area.

– Emilie Nicolas was a clear highlight, and we’ll be giving her exposure soon. New to me was Lemaitre, who impressed and Andre Bratten is always good to hear. I enjoyed Charlotte Qvale and All We Are too, and heard good things about Veronica Maggio. We’ve featured Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Sin Cos Tan before the festival. 

How do you rate by:Larm compared to other international showcase festivals?

– I don’t do SXSW anymore. It just became too big and unwieldy. Key events for me are Eurosonic, MIDEM for the business side, Reeperbahn works well and the Great Escape as it’s on home turf and I’ll know so many people.

Claes Olson