8 mars 2011

Spotify når en miljon betalande användare

Under tisdagen meddelade Daniel Ek, via den officiella bloggen på Spotify.com, att tjänsten nu har totalt över en miljon betalande användare.

Daniel Ek uppmärksammar milstolpen på följande sätt:

"It seems like only yesterday we were hatching ideas for a new music service in a tiny office-cum-apartment with a broken coffee machine, and the party we threw having reached one million users almost two years ago today was one to remember.

So it’s with a sense of real pride and excitement that we can announce a new milestone today, having welcomed our millionth paying subscriber to the service. It’s a testament to our fantastic users who continue to support us and spread the Spotify word, either by telling friends or sharing some of the 200 million playlists that you’ve put together so far.

From everyone at Spotify, we’d like to give you all massive thanks. We’ll continue to focus on providing you with the best music service possible, and look forward to adding even more cool new features over the coming months. What’s really exciting is that this is only the beginning."

Daniel Johansson